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Mario Calla, Executive Director
COSTI Immigrant Services

It was a pleasure having you among us last Thursday. Your discussion and guidance about empowerment and positivity toward life had a good impression on the women. It was interesting to see how trust was build so quickly, as women started opening up about their problems in such a comfortable way. I waited to get some feedback from them today – they all said it was awesome. I also noticed some change in their attitude toward job searching etc. Franciane, the woman from Haiti, was referred for counselling and today she had her first meeting with a counsellor at Family Counseling.

(Click here to read a full letter of recommendation from COSTI)

Alida Simoni, General Counselor/Housing Worker
COSTI Immigrant Services

This workshop was a great introduction to PNDC. Our group benefited from an exchange of ideas and methods . We are now better able to address the more challenging situations in a positive way. Time well spent!

J.J. Paquette
Collaborative lawyer, Sudbury , Ontario

I have always felt like other people knew better, and I’ve always felt that my opinions and needs were wrong. Vittoria has helped me to understand that my voice matters, by helping me understand the reasons why I’ve always felt like it didn’t. I am less afraid now to demand what I need, and to refuse to accept situations that are damaging to me, even if it means saying no to someone I love.

Makela Nuñez

Vittoria Adhami is like a magic mirror for me. Through working with her, I’ve seen parts of myself that I had never admitted the existence of, and as a result I now know when to say no. I know when a relationship is unhealthy for me, because I know myself better. My feelings of guilt have subsided, and I’m now able to see clearly that most of my decisions in life were based on fear. Now I know I want to find harmony and balance in my social life. Now I know that I want and need to be happy.

Maria Lazarevic
Executive at Google

Vittoria Adhami has been an important part of my life over the past several years. In addition to being a strong voice of logic, she has also been an invaluable emotional support for me. Our relationship has evolved over the years so that she has become a vital member of my professional and personal support system.

On a personal level, she is a great listener and communicator and is always enthusiastically available for consultation. Vittoria listens carefully, recognizes the fundamental issues in any situation, considers the emotional attachments and then, analyzes the situation in a simple and understandable fashion. I have often been taken by surprise how her simple words have provided me with the comfort and the guidance that I needed.

Vittoria also has an excellent understanding of financial matters, having had many years of experience working in the insurance industry and as a financial advisor. Her knowledge base and skill set in financial matters has helped me make several tough financial decisions in my professional career as a physician. Through her network of professional contacts, I have also managed to make key contacts in my career.

Vittoria is a compassionate multifaceted professional who clearly loves her new adventure as a life coach and is committed to helping her clients live life passionately, with courage and according to their own values. I would recommend Vittoria to anyone wanting to make the most of their life and needing the extra support to get themselves on their way!

Dr. A

I feel privileged to have met Vittoria. Through her life coaching she guided me to identify areas in my way of thinking that were blocking me from living to my fullest potential. She is very perceptive in her understanding of one’s personal situation and can support you on your journey of being your best self. Sessions resulted in having a clear action plan and a direction in my life.

J.Baker, BPR
Toronto, Ontario

It is with great enthusiasm that I write this testimonial on behalf of Vittoria Adhami. I have received hypnosis Therapy treatment several times from Vittoria to alleviate my compulsive desire to procrastinate. Typically I would seek her care, before I would begin working on the production of a major national televised event.

Vittoria provides a safe calm environment to undergo her treatment. More importantly while under hypnosis I always felt at peace. Immediately after our sessions, I felt wide awake and energized to complete whatever task was at hand. My eagerness to complete my work and the sense of calm I felt about my hectic schedule lasted weeks after my sessions with Vittoria.

Vittoria was also incredibly helpful assisting me write a script that encourage me to stay on course and not to procrastinate. I continue to use my script on a weekly basis. Vittoria Adhami receives my highest recommendation. I would encourage anyone to seek her counsel if they are searching for an effective unconventional cure to their habitual inhibitors. If nothing else, it is a very cool experience.

PJ Tarasuk, Talent Manager