Don’t waste your potential: Being a confident woman in the workplace

It has been more than 40 years since the release of the Report of the Royal Commission on the Status of Women in Canada– a ground-breaking document that set the standard for equality in this country. To this day, Canada continues to be a world-leader in the promotion of women’s rights – but unfortunately, the business world hasn’t been quite …

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Optimist or Pessimist?

I love the quote form James Borg’s book Mind Power that goes ; Whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist may not affect the outcome. It’s just that the optimist has a better time in life”. So what are you choosing to be and did you think you were born that way? Well no actually, that’s what you are choosing …

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Introduction of the Family Law Act Bill in B.C.

November 20, 2011 by Susanna Jani Today’s important posting comes from Kari Boyle, Executive Director of Mediate BC Society: November 14, 2011:  The BC Government introduced a Bill today that proposes a major overhaul of family law in the province.  The Family Law Act makes significant changes including: Provides a comprehensive scheme to determine a child’s legal parents, including situations …

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